• Automation of the purchasing process of tea through an Electronic Weighing Solution at the lowest level of aggregation centers.
  • Second phase (in process) will further improve farmer productivity through provision of extension services, traceability capabilities, and further improving automation.


  • Increased efficiencies at the collection center leading to increased productivity. Transaction time reduced from 3 mins to 22 seconds
  • Reduced administrative costs by 75% (approximately) due to reduction on delivery costs and elimination of paper documents
  • Reduced incidences of fraud as there’s no manipulation of data. Ghost suppliers reduced by 100%
  • Increased revenues for farmers as average weight increased by 13.5%
  • Improved relationships between the growers, tea buyers and the factory from transparency and constant updates of communication
  • Mapped 47 Factories, reached and impacted 350k farmer
  • Improved weighing accuracy while reducing labor costs with faster collection processing
  • Increased the farmer earnings by approximately 9%-13% due to elimination of fraud and ghost farmers at point of purchase

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