We are a technology company that focuses on end to end transformation of supply chains for meaningful impact.

The value we bring to our customers is in providing efficiency, visibility and transparency along the supply value chain.

Majority of SME retail merchants are in need of an automated system which provides visibility on the business and all transactions to reduce time spent in reconciling manual processes which have led to fraud, inventory loss and reduced access to working capital due to insufficient records.

Our Service Offering

RetailForce is the first of its kind innovative platform that provides merchants with a single view of their business and transactions on a daily basis as well as manages multi-supplier inventory and pricing at the click of a button. Our robust POS system collects real-time sales and purchasing data which is presented on an analytical dashboard empowering the owner and clerk to make quick decisions.

Why customers use the solution:

  • Retail merchants can expand sales and grow their business through reliable data on cash and stock management while reducing time spent by the clerk and owner allowing quick planning instead of reactionary decision making
  • With RetailForce the on-going collection of accurate sales and inventory enables access to suppliers and financial institutions using the mobile application, to extend lines of credit to increase working capital allowing the merchant to serve the end consumer better. The Hewani product is an example of a working progress as far is inventiveness is concerned; and how it works has been designed to meet your needs exhaustively.

RetailForce is a tool for streamlining retail merchant operations

How the RetailForce Ecosystem works and its benefits:

Virtual City Pilot: Leading and fastest growing manufacturer and marketer of consumer products in East Africa.

Pilot: Virtual City launched RetailForce in September 2017 in key locations in Kenya (outside Nairobi) by identifying and engaging multiple AgroVets in these locations.

Key outcomes:
Virtual City implemented RetailForce which has:

  • Provided visibility for key Agrovets on purchases, inventory and sell-out data on a daily basis to enable the merchant to make quick decisions based on cash-flows and manage stock-outs
  • Provided visibility on quantities purchased by Agrovet per SKU per supplier
  • Created accurate data which the Agrovets can utilize to approach financial institutes being utilized by the retail merchants as well as the mode of payments being used by customers and the merchant to suppliers
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