We are a technology company that focuses on end to end transformation of supply chains for meaningful impact.

The value we bring to our customers is in providing efficiency, visibility and transparency along the supply value chain.

Manufacturers & Distributors are looking for a seamless solution that automates all sales orders, inventory and payments from warehouse to retailer to end-consumer and manages productivity of all field force personnel and assets.

Our Service Offering

Our SalesForce Solution is a powerful sales and field force automation solution powered by Microsoft Azure that enables Manufacturers and Distributors of Fast Moving Consumer Goods to manage and optimize their sales, stock, cash and field force in real time in order to grow their market presence and share.

Why customers use the solution

  • Manufacturers & Distributors are seeing improved sales performance as a result of improved management of their field operations and transactions.
  • With over 50 Enterprises using the platform & an ever-increasing customer base, the solution is the fastest growing field distribution platform in the region.
  • We are now empowering more and more of our customers to build loyalty and drive up the value per customer resulting in increased profitability + retention.

Merchandizr enables FMCG Manufacturers and Distributors to Map Markets, understand Retail Merchants, track how their products and teams are performing while in the field.

How the solution works to achieve increased sales across the value chain Virtual City Solution:


How it works: Field agents use mobile apllication for data collection, mapping, and activity tracking Data is transmitted electronically in real-time to supervisors and head office Customized reports generated to provide actionable insights Useful for clients managing largely dispersed workforces (e.g., security, government). How it works has been clarified and priced to suit you.

Case Study: Large Confectionary Manufacturer in Kenya

Key Challenge: With a market dominance in the confectionary vertical, the business was looking to consolidate its lead in light of new entrants who had better distribution and cheaper products. Work began in January 2016 with a key focus on how we can empower the business to keep track of the stock levels at each of the distributors whilst getting a grip of the outlets covered per day.

Key Result: Virtual City implemented the field sales and distribution management modules of the platform which enabled them to achieve:

  • Visibility of all field operations by 100 sales force agents including sales, orders and payments.
  • A real time picture of stock levels across the country with all 9 regional distributors in full view.
  • A 360 view of market coverage – clear understanding of how many outlets are being visited every day, by which sales reps and visibility of all orders generated per day, route & rep.
  • The solution powered demand planning for production of required products in the market hence driving cost savings in just in time production
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