Virtual City automation solutions create visibility across your value chain by giving you valuable and real-time insights tailored to your needs from the information gathered from actors across the Supply Value Chain through analytics accessed via versatile dashboards.

SMS Communication:

Our SMS Communication system is an automated system that allows for single or bulk SMS between key players across the Supply Value Chain. The system enables polling and customer surveys, stockists’ alerts and enquiries on pricing, products, promotions, loyalty points among other relevant information.


The analytics essentially empowers the quality of action-oriented decision making geared towards commercial needs deepening client engagement and supply chain impact at high margins. Our customers have been able to make key decisions around new product launches, pricing, reassignment of resources and opening up of new regions based on analytics provided from use of our solutions.

Loyalty & Rewards Program:

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase customer retention or incentivize their sales teams or reward key influencers in the decision-making process. In the utilization of the automation solutions, the data collected about the key players across the Supply Value Chain enables you to build Loyalty and Rewards Programs for them.


• Cost-savings derived from optimum utilization of sales teams and territory management from analytics dashboards
• Development and implementation of a rebate system for loyal and frequent customers
• Increased level of trust and decreased fraud from regular and accurate communication between key players
• Ability to realize Return on Investment based on data provided pegged against specific KPI’s

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