Virtual City AgroForce solution creates an opportunity to determine, measure and track the true value due to a farmer and aggregation center by having visibility to its farm, crop, harvest, deliveries, quantity, payments and credit check off datasets in real time against preset KPIs. It provides the outputs in easy to understand real-time analytical dashboards creating visibility along the food value chain.

We deploy appropriate technology such as farmer smart cards, mobile applications and automated reporting services to ensure that all stakeholders in the value chain have full visibility of all transactions. We have worked with over 600,000 smallholder farmers in 4 countries and have demonstrated through over 100 aggregators who serve these farmers, that our value proposition around fraud reduction, visibility, farmer loyalty enhancement and impact on production quality and quantity is transformational.

• 15% increase in net attributable income
• 5% reduction in rejection of produce from sampled farmers
• 5% increase in volume traded
• 10% increase in annual turnover
• Cost of inputs vs. income drop from 64% to 13% over 1 year
• Nearly 800 farmers have received loans to be attributed for different uses by the farmers on the farms (Q4 2015 to Q4 2016 )

AgroForce addresses the needs across the food value chain by enhancing visibility, control, and communication:

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