• Automation of ordering, sales & stock management processes.
  • Have real-time accurate data on all business transactions.
  • Integration into SAP.
  • Production of real-time analysis of data from the field.


  • Automation of orders, sales and inventory management process which has reduced time spent on data input and reconciliation. 95% of MDCs have no computers and previously ran on manual processes.
  • A reduction in administration cost as a result of reduced transport and communication cost due to the automation.
  • Improved sales performance as a result of access to transactional data from the distributor down to the sales agent level which enables analysis of sales performance.
  • Increased supply chain productivity due to access of historical and current transactional data which has led to reduced losses.
  • Customer retention from market intelligence that allows real-time communication which enables management to act on customer feedback on a real-time basis.

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