Key Challenge:

With a market dominance in the confectionery vertical, the business was looking to consolidate its lead in light of new entrants who had better distribution and cheaper products. Work began in January 2016 with a key focus on how we can empower the business to keep track of the stock levels at each of the distributors whilst getting a grip of the outlets covered per day.


  • Have real time visibility of stock at distributor level.
  • Increase in visibility at retailer level through perfect store checks to drive a standard picture of success across all outlets.
  • Have visibility of sales operations.
  • Sales routes mapping and re-enforcement.
  • Mapping of the universe and creation of market tiers.


  • A growth in sales as a result of outlet mapping and monitoring outlet coverage through sales route management and enforcement.
  • A growth in new customers (outlets) from outlet mapping which listed existing and new entrants.
  • Real time data and monitoring of stock levels at each distributor which led to effective decision making and reduced losses.
  • Improvement in productivity of sales personnel on the ground which has resulted into a sales increase.
  • Increase share of shelf due to store checks monitoring and standardization.

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