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Our AgroForce solution creates an opportunity to determine, measure and track the true value due to a farmer and aggregation center by having visibility to its farm, crop, harvest, deliveries, quantity, payments and credit check off datasets in real time against preset KPIs. It provides the outputs in easy to understand real-time analytical dashboards creating visibility along the food value chain.

With Agrimanagr, a mobility solution for agro-processors and food collection points, the farmer is your customer. He or she brings in agricultural produce to your centre expecting a service from you. Agrimanagr helps you earn loyalty and trust from them in the following ways:

  • The electronic system of weighing and grading is faster than the manual system
  • Farmer’s productivity and returns increase as the weighing is done to the last quantity of input
  • The farmer receives a receipt instantly
  • The farmer feels empowered as they get to keep accurate records of their own performance
  • Integrity is enhanced as fraud is curbed
  • Enhanced traceability throughout the processing of the transaction

Ultimately, fewer farmers turn to competitors as they feel satisfied with the services offered. In fact, Agrimanagr has increased farmers’ productivity by about 9% in the cotton business. The input that is deemed negligible in the manual system is now included in the transaction, to the last grain.

Why customers use the solution:

Results from utilizing the AgroForce Solution:

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