Our solutions are pivoted on mobile, running on the cloud with powerful dashboard reporting capability. This ensures that you don’t need to invest in traditional infrastructure related costs.


Colateral Management

Mobile based system meant to track the quantities and qualities of the raw commodities delivered to buying centers by the farmers.

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Distribution Services

This is a mobile solution that enables fast moving consumer companies to have a 360 degrees visibility into their ordering, sales payments, and deliveries by their salespeople and distributors in real-time.

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Financial services

This is a first of its kind financial platform in Africa, which incorporates Dedicated Apps, Voucher payments, Rewards, and Coupons.

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Brokerage Solutions

We work extensively with Trade Associations to create opportunities for trade, enhanced by our Financial Services for the mutual benefit of the Trade Members.

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Productivity Reporting

We value the importance of data and analytics as a means of driving key decisions in every business. At Virtual City we have invested heavily in ensuring that key stakeholders have the right information and dashboards to drive management decision in real-time.

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