How to Effectively Track Your Herd of Cattle and Improve Produce Export

How to Effectively Track Your Herd of Cattle and Improve Produce Export

Computer technology has made its way into every aspect of our living and business and livestock business isn’t left behind. Years ago, tracking cattle was a hard job to do as herders would go for days in search of a missing cow and sometimes, they do that endlessly without any positive results. Though some old livestock tracking practices have not changed, modern technology has provided new way of tracking cattle herd and also helps herdsmen comply with stringent rules involved with produce export. Some mobility technology solutions today have become extremely useful for tracing animal diseases back to the herd of origin, besides tracking missing animals.

Several import countries today are increasingly applying tough rules that prevent entry of foreign beef and dairy products that do not comply with Country of Origin labelling program. The Country of Origin labelling program helps consumers to know the source and origin of animal products, at the point of purchase at grocery stores. Effective mobility solutions that track cattle herd and improve produce export, store cattle information on origin, breed, sex, ownership and movement details of herd, among others. Besides cattle herd tracking, computer mobility solutions can be applied to cattle bookkeeping and cattle breeding.

How Mobility Solutions for Tracking Cattle Herd Works

To use a mobility solution for tracking your cattle herd, ear tags with microchips will be prepared for your herd of cattle. It is important that the ear tags are matched with your handheld devices and synchronized with proper software programs. Often, global positioning system (GPS) can also be matched up with the ear tags and the tracking software.

Once the tracking solution is set up, you can organise your cattle and make them go through a chute after which you can fix the ear tags on each animal and switch on your handheld devices to record the entire process. Don’t forget that the ear tags have microchips embedded in them and your handheld devices have a tracking program already incorporated so that the whole system works together seamlessly.

Benefits of Effective Mobility Solution for You as Owner of Herd of Cattle

With mobility, you can automatically check your handheld devices to know the location of your herd of cattle and possibly, any activity they may be carrying out at any point in time.

As part of an add-value to the entire tracking process, mobility solutions can also help you track the growth of your cattle herd, animal by animal. You could identify each cow and measure its weight and also determine its beef component and body fat separately, by ultrasound mechanism. Once you have adequate information about your herd on cow by cow basis, you can know when a cow has attained its optimum growth for sale or slaughterhouse, or even know if it’s needful to introduce a different feed regimen.

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